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War comes to the elemental realms of Sea, Earth and Sky.

Three unlikely friends, Smudge, Fizzle and Splash,
using their weak elemental abilities to manipulate earth, fire and water,
set out on a quest to find the Ancient Ones
who may hold the key to ending the conflict.
They travel under the Sea, across the Land and into the Sky,
surviving death and imprisonment,
until they face the greatest challenge of all -
the fear and anger of their own people.


The Earth Realm is the home of Smudge, the only son of his Earthdweller father, Avalanche and his mother, Horizon. He has what they call "a brown thumb"; instead of the ability to manipulate soil and grow plants like his other school mates, everything he touches turns to mud - tons of it.

The realm of the Earth is shared by the Underlanders (who live in complete darkness underground) and the mysterious Rockgiants, who have the ability to manipulate stone as though it were soft clay. But whether on the ground, under the ground or in the mountains, the Earth is threatened by an unknown enemy that is turning the fertile soil into spreading deserts of lifeless sand.

The Sky Realm is where misfit Fizzle struggles to master his novice abilities - with disasterous results. A windwhale is sighted and when Fizzle tries to join his fellow Firestal and Winddancer children in the thrilling game of catch and ride, the school is destroyed and Fizzle is banished to the Slipstream Orphanage where he is forced to live following the tragic death of his talented parents.

The Sky Realm is home to the Firestals, who have the ability to manipulate fire, electricity and light, the Winddancers, able to manipulate clouds and wind, and the lofty Starmites, the two "suns" that chase each other in orbit around the Earth. But all is not well, as poisoness regions of cloudy darkness spread across the Sky.

The Sea Realm is a vast underwater world populated by Searunners, Riverdobs and Waterrakes. The Searunners rule the waves of the sea - all except for the young girl, Splash. Her family is well-known and powerful, but she is more interested in her quiet undersea garden than fame and power. That is, until one day all of her plants sicken and die and her fish disappear. A poisoness flesh-eating plant begins to grow rapidly, killing everything it can reach. Is it possible that enemies from the Earth Realm are attacking them? If so, why?


Elementals: A classic fantasy adventure novel for young teens...


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